Pricing Structure - Free Events Are Always Free!

Hosting an endurance event, fitness challenge, or race? Enhance the attendee experience with our new Virtual Challenge program, EveryChallenge.

No monthly charges or setup fees!

No contract or commitment is needed to get full access to our tools. Much like the rest of our platform, we've made our pricing simple and easy to understand. For paid events, a fee is added for your guests to pay at checkout. If your event is free, then no fees are involved!

Pricing that scales with you.

Our fees involve two components: an fee and a payment processing fee. The fee will be charged in the currency of the event. Fees are dependent on your ticket price range. We cap our fees at 8.95.

Event Price Fee
≤ 351.95
36 - 502.95
51 - 1003.95
101 - 1254.95
126 - 1755.95
176 - 2006.95
201 - 3007.95
≥ 3018.95

4% fee for merchandise and non-ticket items. Additional Stripe payment processing fee of 2.9% + 30ยข per successful card charge applies.

Receive your funds, quickly.

We disburse payouts twice a month. We also support multiple currencies! Generating and managing discount codes as well as selling merchandise and other additional items can all be done at no additional cost from our platform.

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